Anghami Careers in Lebanon With Good Salary

Are you searching for employment options in a leading audio streaming service in the Middle East? If so, consider applying for the latest Anghami Careers in Lebanon. The company offers an energetic work environment that attracts top talent in the country. Its employees collaborate on revolutionary projects that shape the region’s entertainment industry. Furthermore, working here will allow you to develop innovative digital solutions for music enthusiasts across the Arab world.

Anghami Lebanon Careers promotes creativity and innovation. As a result of the diverse range of roles offered here, individuals are provided with opportunities to enhance their abilities in various areas. This includes content curation, marketing, business development, and more. Whether you wish to work from home or seek on-site positions, the company offers a wide variety of options to choose from. Even undergraduate students can make use of the internships! So, why delay? Submit your application today.

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Name of Company Anghami
Location of Employer Beirut, Mount Lebanon, & Across Lebanon
Eligible Nationality Selective
Educational Qualifications Relevant Degree or Diploma
Experience Required
Pay Scale Based on Interview Discussion
Incentives & Benefits According to the labor law of the Republic
Last Updated on June 13th, 2024

Anghami Careers in Beirut & Across Lebanon

Anghami Careers in Lebanon

General Overview of Anghami

Anghami is a leading music streaming and entertainment platform based in the Middle East. It offers a diverse library of Arabic and international music to its millions of users. The company was founded in 2012 by Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib. It has also transformed the way people in the region consume and discover music. The company features an extensive catalog of over 57 million songs. This enables users to access their favorite tracks effortlessly.

Anghami’s innovative features such as personalized playlists, radio stations, and exclusive content have made it a regional music streaming leader. It also offers an easy user experience through its friendly interface and mobile compatibility. Furthermore, its strategic partnerships with telecommunications companies have facilitated widespread accessibility for users. Anghami continues to innovate within the industry and remains dedicated to providing high-quality musical experiences.

Employee Perks & Benefits

Employees of Anghami have the freedom to explore new ideas and technologies. This approach contributes to the company’s continuous growth and success. Its welcoming workplace culture has also earned it a reputation as an employer of choice. Below we have listed a few of the benefits that may be of interest to you as a candidate for Anghami Jobs.

  • Attractive Salary Packages
  • Retirement Savings Plans
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Learning and Training Resources
  • Team Building Activities
  • Recognition and Rewards Programs
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Positive and Inclusive Work Culture
  • Opportunities for Employee Feedback and Input
  • Performance Bonuses

Anghami Basic Jobs Requirements

  1. Relevant educational background aligned with the job position.
  2. Proven track record of achievements and accomplishments in previous roles.
  3. Familiarity with the music streaming and entertainment industry.
  4. Creative thinking and innovative problem-solving skills.
  5. Ability to adapt to rapidly changing technology and market trends.
  6. Strong understanding of user experience and customer satisfaction principles.
  7. Project management skills for roles involving coordination and execution.
  8. Knowledge of relevant legal and regulatory considerations.
  9. Familiarity with social media platforms and digital marketing strategies.
  10. Capability to work in a multicultural and diverse team environment.

Often Available Positions

  • Software Engineer
  • Content Creator
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Data Analyst
  • Graphic Designer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Product Manager
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Finance Analyst
  • HR Coordinator
  • Legal Counsel
  • Social Media Manager

How to Apply for Anghami Careers in Lebanon?

To maximize your chances of success when applying for Anghami Careers, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the careers website of this music streaming company by hitting the “Apply Here” button.
  2. Check out the available vacancies there.
  3. Choose the position that best fits your educational background, abilities, and passions.
  4. Hit the “Apply” button to read out the job requirements.
  5. Upon clicking, you will be provided with 3 options, i.e., Apply to Position, Use My Indeed Resume, and Apply Using LinkedIn.
  6. Hit the “Apply to Position” button and complete the online application form.
  7. Once completed, attach your resume and submit the application.

Other Details of Anghami

Email for General Inquiries:
Lebanon Head Office: 5th Floor, Moukarzel Building, Jal El Dib Highway

List of Available Positions (UPDATED)

Job Title
JOB category
Android Engineer Engineering Beirut, Lebanon
Senior Backend Engineer, Payments  Engineering Beirut, Lebanon
Senior Frontend Engineer  Engineering Beirut, Lebanon
Growth Analyst Growth Beirut, Lebanon
Growth Marketing Specialist Growth Beirut, Lebanon
Senior Information Security Engineer Engineering Beirut, Lebanon
Marketing Executive – Content Marketing Beirut, Lebanon
Senior iOS Engineer Engineering Beirut, Lebanon
Product Manager Product Beirut, Lebanon
Senior Android Engineer Engineering Beirut, Lebanon

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