Transport and Logistics Jobs With Complete Details

Do you want to work in a field where you will not only enjoy professional growth but also personal fulfillment through the contribution towards efficient movement of goods and services? If so, check out the latest Transport and Logistics Jobs in Oman, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and all across the Gulf region. Working in this field provides job security, as these industries are necessary for supporting the Gulf region’s booming economy. From truck drivers to supply chain managers, there is a wide range of positions to choose from. Professionals joining this industry will also receive valuable training and development opportunities while contributing to an essential sector that supports regional economies.

Transport and Logistics Jobs Detailed Guidelines

Types of Transport and Logistics Job Roles

Diverse and impactful career opportunities await those seeking roles within the ever-changing field of Transportation and Logistics. Each position holds significance in maintaining the industry’s basic functions, whether it’s logistics professionals coordinating supply chains or truck drivers ensuring timely delivery of goods. So, let’s begin exploring some of the most common jobs in this sector.

Logistics Coordinator:

Average Salary: AED 6,000 – AED 15,500 Per Month

The role of a Logistics Coordinator is necessary for maintaining an efficient and effective flow of goods within the supply chain. Optimizing operations, minimizing delays, and increasing logistics efficiency and effectiveness are the responsibilities of these individuals. Duties involve coordinating transportation, overseeing inventory levels, and fostering collaboration with suppliers and distributors. Success in this role depends on advanced organizational skills, careful attention to detail, and the ability to deal with evolving logistical challenges. Ideal qualifications often involve holding a bachelor’s degree in logistics or a related field, accompanied by exceptional analytical and communication skills.

Warehouse Manager:

Average Salary: AED 8,000 – AED 19,500 Per Month

A Warehouse Manager oversees the operations of a warehouse while ensuring the effective storage, organization, and distribution of goods. With managerial experience, they ensure that the warehouse functions smoothly which also contribute to the overall success of the logistics chain. Their responsibilities include managing inventory levels, coordinating shipments, and overseeing staff. Leadership skills, strategic decision-making abilities, and a strong understanding of logistical processes are required for this role. They often hold a bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain management, or a related field.


Average Salary: AED 2,000 – AED 12,000 Per Month

Individuals working as drivers within the transportation and logistics sector have the responsibility of physically moving goods. Working in positions like delivery, truck drivers, or operators of various vehicles involves the core responsibility of safely and efficiently transporting goods between different locations. The qualifications require for this role involve having a valid driver’s license, understanding traffic regulations, and upholding an excellent driving record. Their role in ensuring the timely and secure delivery of goods contributes significantly to enhancing the overall reliability of the logistical process.


Average Salary: AED 3,189 – AED 6,851 Per Month

A Storekeeper, often found in warehouse or retail environments, manages the storage and organization of goods. Their responsibilities include receiving, storing, and issuing products while maintaining accurate inventory records. These individuals contribute to the smooth functioning of warehouses or stores by maintaining accurate records and ensuring the availability of products when needed. Attention to detail, organizational skills, and the ability to manage inventory efficiently are key for this role. While formal education requirements may vary, experience in inventory management is often preferred.

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