Real Estate Jobs With Complete Details

The real estate sector in the UAE has experienced consistent expansion. These Real Estate Jobs offer promising opportunities, particularly in ambitious projects like luxurious hotels and world-class malls. This industry provides a continual platform for skilled individuals to actively contribute to these great projects. In addition, the tax-free environment in the United Arab Emirates acts as a major attraction for job seekers, ensuring professionals can maximize their earnings without the weight of significant tax deductions. With opportunities ranging from property management to sales and marketing, the industry offers numerous paths for individuals with a variety of skills and interests. This diversity empowers professionals to explore unique career pathways, aligning their roles with their individual strengths and aspirations. Without further delay, let’s take a look at some jobs available in this field.

Real Estate Jobs With Complete Details


Average Salary: AED 5,500 – AED 36,000 Per Month

Real estate brokers hold a supervisory role in the industry. They oversee the activities of real estate agents and ensure regulatory compliance. Team management is a crucial aspect of their duties, involving the coordination of activities among agents to achieve collective goals. Regulatory compliance is a key responsibility, ensuring that all transactions adhere to legal and industry regulations. Brokers often handle complex negotiations, especially in high-value transactions, and provide strategic guidance based on comprehensive market analysis. The perks of being a broker include leadership opportunities, the potential for high earnings, and the satisfaction of overseeing successful real estate operations. Qualifications for this role typically include extensive experience as a real estate agent, obtaining a broker’s license, and possessing strong leadership skills.

Sales Associate:

Average Salary: AED 2,500 – AED 7,500 Per Month

Sales associates play an important role in driving property sales. Their responsibilities begin with lead generation, where they actively seek potential clients through networking, referrals, and marketing efforts. Showing properties to potential buyers is a key part of their role while answering their questions as well. Closing deals is another significant responsibility, requiring effective negotiation skills and the ability to address client needs and concerns. These individuals enjoy perks such as the potential for high earnings through commissions, an energetic work environment, and the satisfaction of helping clients find their ideal properties. Qualifications for this role often include strong communication and interpersonal skills, along with obtaining a real estate license.

Real Estate Agent:

Average Salary: AED 2,989 – AED 7,307 Per Month

A real estate agent is a key figure in property transactions, acting as the point of contact between buyers and sellers. Their primary duty is to facilitate smooth and successful transactions. These agents engage with clients to identify their needs and preferences. One of their most important skills is property valuation, where they assess the value of properties based on various factors, including market trends, location, and condition. Creating appealing listings and showcasing properties to potential buyers is also very important in this position. Additionally, they handle the paperwork and documentation involved in property transactions, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Marketing Coordinator:

Average Salary: AED 6,500 – AED 12,850 Per Month

Marketing coordinators in real estate focus on promoting properties effectively to attract potential buyers. Their duties include the development of comprehensive campaigns specific to each property. Making use of digital platforms for online property promotion is important for this job to ensure a broad reach to potential buyers. They are also responsible for designing promotional materials such as brochures and flyers and creating visually appealing representations of properties. They may also organize events to showcase properties to potential buyers. The perks of being a marketing coordinator include working in a creative environment, opportunities for skill development, and the satisfaction of contributing to successful property promotions. Qualifications for this role often include a background in marketing, design, or a related field.

Property Consultant:

Average Salary: AED 3,500 – AED 20,000 Per Month

Property consultants specialize in providing expert advice to clients on real estate investments. Their role involves in-depth market analysis to identify investment opportunities. They assess the financial stability of potential investments, considering factors such as return on investment and market trends. A key responsibility is client education, where property consultants guide clients on market dynamics, potential risks, and effective investment strategies. The perks of being a property consultant include the potential for a commission-based income, opportunities for networking and professional growth, and the satisfaction of guiding clients in making informed investment decisions.

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