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Candidates searching for employment opportunities at a state-owned airline are encouraged to submit their applications to MEA Careers. By applying, you’ll be able to find yourself in an ever-evolving environment dedicated to personal and professional development. These airline jobs in Lebanon provide opportunities for employees to interact with various cultures and acquire meaningful experiences. They also get to experience Beirut’s amazing culture and traditions that are a part of daily life there.

Those who are going to Middle East Airlines Careers will get to play a significant role in the country’s aviation sector while improving their skills. Whether contributing to flight operations, cabin crew, or administration, MEA serves as a platform for individuals to deliver outstanding service globally. Being a team member here also creates a sense of pride in employees who value the organization’s commitment to safety and reliability. So why wait? Apply today for the available job vacancies.

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Name of Company Middle East Airlines
Location of Employer Beirut & Across Lebanon
Eligible Nationality Selective
Educational Qualifications Relevant Degree or Diploma
Experience Required
Pay Scale Based on Interview Discussion
Incentives & Benefits According to the labor law of the Republic
Last Updated on June 13th, 2024

MEA Careers 2024 for Cabin Crew & Cadet Pilot

MEA Careers

General Overview of Middle East Airlines

Middle East Airlines is Lebanon’s national carrier, with a history dating back to 1945. It operates from Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport. The company offers a comprehensive network of domestic and international flights in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It is known for its up-to-date fleet, outstanding in-flight services, and constant dedication to safety. MEA focuses on providing an enjoyable travel experience for passengers. It has established a reputation for efficiency and quality service delivery.

Middle East Airlines has established itself as a key player in the aviation industry. It connects Lebanon to the world through its extensive network of routes. As one of the oldest airlines in the region, MEA has consistently evolved to meet the changing demands of the global travel market. Its strategic alliances with other leading carriers have also expanded its reach and enhanced its status. Additionally, MEA’s dedication to environmental responsibility initiatives proves its forward-thinking approach. Mr Mohammad El Hout is its Chief Executive Officer.

Employee Perks & Benefits

Middle East Airlines represents the warmth and hospitality of Lebanon. Its staff take great pride in their organization as they represent their country on the international stage. Moreover, the opportunities for career enhancement also enable individuals to expand their knowledge and achieve success. Following are some of the benefits offered by MEA Jobs.

  • Attractive Salary
  • Paid Time Off
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Wellness Programs
  • Free or Subsidized Meals
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Discounts
  • Retirement Plans
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Staff Events and Activities
  • Employee Recognition Programs

Salary Details for Middle East Airlines Jobs

Ground staff and customer service agents at Middle East Airlines typically make between 1,500,000 and 2,500,000 LBP per month. Depending on seniority and hours worked, flight attendants may earn between 3,000,000 and 5,000,000 Lebanese pounds a month. The salaries of pilots and higher-ranking officers can exceed 10,000,000 LBP per month as a result of their extensive training and important responsibilities.

MEA Basic Jobs Requirements

Securing a job with MEA in Lebanon is a competitive process that requires candidates to meet specific criteria. The airline is renowned for its dedication to safety and customer service. It seeks individuals who can maintain the standards in various operational and customer-facing roles. Working here involves the following requirements:

  1. Relevant educational background and qualifications related to the desired position.
  2. Previous experience in the aviation industry or specific field.
  3. Knowledge of industry-specific regulations, standards, and best practices.
  4. Ability to handle and resolve customer issues efficiently and professionally.
  5. Willingness to undergo and pass required training programs or certifications.
  6. Knowledge of airline-specific policies and procedures.
  7. Time management skills to meet operational schedules and deadlines.
  8. Familiarity with aviation systems, technology, and equipment relevant to the specific role.

Often Available Positions

  • Cadet Pilot
  • Cabin Crew
  • Flight Attendant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Ground Operations Staff
  • Sales and Marketing Specialist
  • Finance Analyst
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • HR Coordinator
  • Cargo Operations Officer
  • Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Airport Security Officer
  • Flight Catering Manager
  • Administrative Assistant

Middle East Airlines Frequently Announces Cabin Crew Jobs

Middle East Airlines regularly posts cabin crew jobs in Lebanon. The duties of these cabin crew members are wide-ranging and demanding. This includes providing safe and comfortable travel for passengers, offering meals and beverages, and delivering exceptional customer service. In emergency situations, these members also provide first aid and manage passenger evacuations. The recruitment process for these positions typically involves submitting an online application.

To join the MEA cabin crew, candidates must meet specific requirements. This includes having a high school diploma or equivalent and being fluent in English (Arabic is often preferred). In addition, applicants should also have excellent communication skills and possess good physical health with the ability to pass medical examinations. Candidates are also expected to have previous experience in customer service roles. Shortlisted individuals may undergo assessments such as group exercises and individual interviews.

How to Apply for MEA Careers?

To make the application process for MEA Careers as easy as possible, we have listed the steps below.

  1. View the available job openings on the careers portal of Middle East Airlines by hitting the “Apply Here” button below.
  2. Browse through the available opportunities and select a position of interest.
  3. Examine the responsibilities, credentials, and requirements for the chosen position.
  4. Please fill out the online application form with complete and up-to-date data.
  5. The posting will specify what documents or certifications are required.
  6. Double-check the application for completeness before submission.
  7. If necessary, create an online profile on the careers portal for easier future applications.

List of Available Positions (UPDATED)

Not available at this time. Please check the official website for more information.

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